Art is the spirit telling a story. - Balu Australia

What we do

We are always inspired by nature', connecting & creating with mother nature's natural divine bountiful gifts, we provide an online art gallery shop showcasing & selling art, jewellery, textiles, gifts & Indigenous-made wood souvenirs. We aim to provide Indigenous sustainable made or designed ethical products currently through custom or low quantity short-run manufacturing of art, textiles, swimwear, clothing aswell as hand-crafted quality & ethically made jewellery, eco coloured silk gifts & skincare gifts which are available online on our website www.balugifts.com

Ethical & Sustainable

We are focused and strive to create ethical, genuine, positive relationships with others, and are open to working & collaborating on sustainable, ethical & positive projects to assist in the creation, development & evolution of Indigenous ethicallly & sustainably made art, designs, textiles & gifts.

When we began 

Balu first launched our initial online store in 2015, then went on to provide our products as a featured artist in the Broome Makers Gallery & Fashion Show, continuing from there further establishing our online store & providing a pop up shop service in 2016, selling a small range of art, woodcrafts, printed or hand-coloured textiles, swimwear, dresses, jewellery, printed pillows, fabric handbags & more at local events such as Kimberley Girl & Image Events, Gabrielles Textile design was featured on Broome Factory - Lachy Fraser Recycled Furniture & Decor Items) in Broome & providing our Art + Gifts at the Mowanjum Arts Festival in Derby, and numerous small events in the Kimberley's.
Balu also had on offer our spiritual eco art workshops since 2016, in 2018 we provided a workshop to a large group of travellers & peoples in France, Genac @ the Spiritual Healing Festival. Balu has since made available the oppportunity to interested artists, start-up businesses, individuals & recently in the last 3 years provided our workshops to community group events such the KALACC Festival & SWBG events, as-well as most recently we provided a workshop through the Maganda Makers Business Club. 
Balu is a Djugan word it means Tree, we work with natural tree wood that has been collected ethically to create our jewellery & wood crafts.
Balu 'barlu' was envisioned by the founder Gabrielle Rahman a long time ago in her early pre-teen years about 1996, wanting to create an Indigenous Australian made swimwear brand & business.
She started her journey in Fashion & Textile Design during her teen years in High school. Gabrielle is of Djugan/Jabirr-Jabirr/Yawuru decent from Broome Western Australia. 
Gabrielle left high-school in year 10 to pursue a career in Fashion to design swimwear, which she started her studies in Fashion & Textile design at TAFE in Perth, Western Australia in 2001/2002-2006 as well as completing studies in Visual Arts.
Since entering TAFE in 2001 Gabrielle continued to persevere after many obstacles over the years, finally to establish the physical aspects of the Balu Art Gallery Shop ,brand & business successfully launching in the year 2016 in Broome Western Australia.