Balu is a connection to the divine.
"I am an earth goddess, here to show a way, to a place, where we must have gratitude, on this earth we stay. Hear our mother call out your name, she sends a message of love, this is her way." - Balu
Balu is my ground.
Balu is my creation.
Balu is my sanctuary.
Balu is my story.
Balu is my strength.
Balu is my protection.
Balu is my divine.
Balu is my past.
Balu is my present.
Balu is my future.
Balu is my gifts.
Balu is my spirit.

What we do

'We hand-craft & sell our quality, ethically made jewellery & natural gifts online & in selected-stores.
We are always inspired by nature' , connecting & creating with mother nature's natural divine bountiful gifts.  

When we began

Balu was envisioned by founder a long time ago in her early pre-teen years about 1996, however started establishing the physical aspects of the Balu creation during the year 2016 in Broome Western Australia.  
Art is spirit telling a story. - Balu