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Eco Colour Workshops Created By Gabrielle Rahman 

Indigenous first peoples have long since been true care takers of this land, holding sacred knowledge and wisdom, that has been handed down through the generations.

We practice and promote healing arts through, eco colour, culture & spirituality.  

Our Balu Eco Colour workshops aim to teach practical, eco-friendly, ethical & sustainable ways to produce your own piece of wearable art with eco colours, through the process of natural dyeing using local native plant materials.

You will learn simple tying techniques, enabling you to create organic or structured lines, textures & prints onto your scarf, by doing this you will be transferring your spiritual energy into the scarf telling your ‘spirits story’.

We allow you to discover your own creative inner healing abilities using colour as a form of self healing, providing intuitive solutions through spiritual awareness, creating positive  opportunities for social connections with others, empowering oneself & others and choosing to practice gratitude for what mother nature has to offer us all. 

‘Art is the spirit telling a story’ - Balu Australia