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"Under the Boab Tree with Balu Eco Colour"

Workshop Date: 14th August  2021
Workshop Location: Derby WA
Time of workshop: 10am-2pm
Cost of workshop per participant: $55
We are collaborating with Red Shed - Balu will be leading a Eco Colour workshop in Derby "Under the Boab Tree with Balu Eco Colour"
Workshop description:
Explore eco colour with mother nature's gifts & Practice Healing Arts with Balu Australia, Balu means tree or wood in the Djugan Language, we hand colour-craft natural textiles with local native australian plants in a eco friendly, ethical & sustainable way, Indigenous australians have long since been true caretakers of this land, holding sacred knowledge & wisdom handed down through the generations . We practice healing arts through eco colour, culture & spirituality. You will have the opportunity to hand-colour craft your own natural eco scarf under the beautiful boab tree, shop locally made skincare gifts, jewellery & art and learn more about our Balu Gifts. 

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